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Media, Photos, Television Productions ♦ June 03, 2020

After watching Netflix’s special Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall over and over, I decided to cap the special for everyone. You can find those captures in the photo gallery along with the poster/key art and production stills. If you have yet to watch the full special you can do that now only on netflix; here.

0603.jpg 1297.jpg 0694.jpg 0990.jpg
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  • Television Productions > Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall (2020) > Key Art
  • Television Productions > Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall (2020) > Production Stills
  • Television Productions > Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall (2020) > Captures

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Media, Photos ♦ June 01, 2020

Although not a lot of events have happened this year due to the craziness of covid 19 and other tragic events you can now find the photos from all of this years events in the photo gallery.





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Photos, Television Productions ♦ May 26, 2020

The remaining episode captures and production stills from the first season of The Politician have been added the the photo gallery.

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Media, News, Photos, Television Productions ♦ April 25, 2020

By now most if not all of you have managed to watch the full first season of The Politician (on Netflix), so we have uploaded high quality screen captures, episode stills, & behind the scenes photos from the first four episodes to the photo gallery.

0016.jpg 0126.jpg 0120.jpg 0131.jpg


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News ♦ April 22, 2020

Tony winner Ben Platt’s solo concert at Radio City Music Hall, filmed September 29 last year, will make its debut on Netflix next month. Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall will drop on the streaming platform May 20.

The performance, the final date of Platt’s concert tour, featured songs from his debut solo recording, Sing to Me Instead, his new single “Rain,” and several covers. The broadcast marks the second Netflix project for the actor, who recently starred in Ryan Murphy’s The Politician.

“Live performance has always been my greatest love—it’s where I feel like the truest version of myself,” said Platt in an earlier statement. “I cannot wait to share my music and my stories at this iconic venue in my favorite city, and I’m thrilled that this special moment will be immortalized for a wider audience. I’m so incredibly grateful to continue working with the Netflix family.”

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News, Photos ♦ June 27, 2019

I’ve added photos of Ben from his visit to the talk show ‘Lorraine’ while in the UK. Those can now be viewed in HD in our photo gallery.


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Public Appearances – 2019 – 17 June – ‘Lorraine’ (UK Talk Show)

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Photos ♦ June 21, 2019

When the Tony Awards were happening I was on vacation so I missed them and only just got to watch them last night, so wanted to finally jump online to get these photos from the show on here.


0001.jpg 0014.jpg 0030.jpg 0027.jpg
0002.jpg 0011.jpg 0024.jpg 0007.jpg
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News ♦ May 25, 2019

This past Thursday Ben stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to sit down and discuss his new album as well as perform Grow As We Go. Below you can watch his interview and performance, and if you check out the photo gallery you will find stills from his visit.

0002.jpg 0008.jpg 0005.jpg 0004.jpg
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Photos ♦ May 08, 2019

Finally found myself with a bit more time to get online and upload the event photos from last month. Enjoy!

0016.jpg 0005.jpg 0001.jpg 0019.jpg

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News ♦ May 06, 2019

DETROIT — At just 25, Ben Platt has turned himself into a star by playing iconic characters on stage (“Dear Evan Hansen,” “the Book of Mormon”) and screen (“Pitch Perfect,” “Pitch Perfect 2” and more).

Turns out he’s pretty good at “playing” himself, too.

Hansen showed Tony Award-winning confidence and poise, and of course great pipes, as he played just the second show of his first-ever solo tour on Saturday night, May 4, at the Fisher Theatre — a venue the singer and songwriter noted he was, until now, more likely to be portraying a “bizarrely nerdy” someone else. “This is the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to come out here and be myself,” the hirsute but still baby-faced Platt told a crowd that greeted him with boy band-caliber screams, later acknowledging that “it’s scary.”

You would not have known that from his 15-song, 80-minute performance, which sent a message that Platt is as serious about working under his own name as he has been about his Broadway triumphs. Backed by a 10-piece band he pointedly eschewed any material from his stage and screen work, instead playing his debut album “Sing To Me Instead,” in its entirety and fleshing the night out with solid renditions of by some of his favorites — “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile (a personal “queero” for Platt), a Motown-appropriate “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder and Elton John’s “Take Me to the Pilot,” which found Platt and his three backup singers in gospel revival mode, one of the (too) few times he came off the band riser to sing at the front of the stage.

Following sets by Raybo and Ben Abraham (who co-wrote four songs on “Sing To Me Instead”) Platt also infused the show with a chatty, lightly scripted getting-to-know you vibe. He spoke freely about the romantic travails that inspired many of his songs and offered up a few little-known facts about himself — not a peanut butter fan, stole a summer bunkmate’s Harry Potter book, thinks cats are “the devil’s children.” “Save Your Address” and “Take Me to the Pilot” were bolstered with some light, stagey choreography, while “Older” became a singalong anthem to close the main set.

Some of Platt’s personal details, meanwhile, provided the show with its most striking moments. He prefaced “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” with a warm remembrance of his Grandma Sue, who passed away the week before. And he dedicated the encore “Run Away” to his father and mother Julie, who was at the Fisher on Saturday night, performing it on piano, accompanied by his two string players.

We’ll certainly be seeing Platt onstage again in character mode in the future. But on Saturday he established that seeing him sing his own songs could be a real treat, too.

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